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Made to measure is a way to get that perfect fit from your clothing.  Our highly trained staff starts the process with taking several base measurements.  Next you are the designer, you are able to customize your collars,  thread or button color, placket design, etc. Made to measure is a superior fit, and it allows for your true personality to be portrayed.    Mister B Clothing is proud to offer made to measure suits and shirts. Our vendors are only of the highest quality. For shirts we offer Eton and for suiting we offer Prive, Baroni, and Max Davoli and Corneliani.

Here is a testimonial of a Mister B customer.


“I recently visited Mister B Clothing and was very impressed. I had several Eton shirts tailored and returned to me very quickly. Not only does this store have great quality shirts, but their customer service is outstanding. I am a CEO from the East Coast and am very happy to have found a store that has clothing that suits my lifestyle. Thank you!”





Mister B is proud to offer personalized wardrobe consultations free of charge for our existing customers.  Let our knowledgeable staff help you sort through your existing wardrobe. Once sorted our team will personally shop for those items that are missing, or if need be do a complete wardrobe overhaul. The experience is just getting started.  Our team offers styling sessions, so you are always confident in every outfit, and your true personal image is portrayed.

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At Mister B we take great pride in each and every piece being the perfect fit.  Our team works very closely with the highest skilled tailors, so that each garment is altered properly.  Our alteration services start with the most basic, such as a hem, or shortening of a sleeve.  We also specialize in very complex alterations, for example, tapering or re-sizing a garment.  For our existing customers the alterations service extends to their personal closets as well. At  Mister B Clothing we understand that the smallest alteration can change the entire outfit.  Come in and let our knowledgeable staff assist you.